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CEO Marc van der Linden to leave Stedin Group

According to the supervisory board of Stedin Group, Marc van der Linden will be leaving Stedin on 1 July 2021. Marc van der Linden’s term will end on 1 February 2021. Van der Linden has indicated that he will stay on for an additional six months, in order to give the supervisory board sufficient time to look for a successor. 

“Since February 2017, we have been working hard on creating a self-sufficient and independent network group”, says Marc van der Linden. “After the unbundling from Eneco, I have been able to contribute to the development of Stedin as an independent organisation. We have focused on the task that we have in society and on service. The company now has a clear ambition and strategy. The first energy transition planning phase, in the form of the climate agreement and the translation thereof into the regional energy strategies (RESs), is nearly completed. This means that Stedin will be entering the next phase with more emphasis on the implementation of the energy transition. I believe that this ask for a new leader.” 

Chair of the supervisory board Doede Vierstra: “We regret that Marc will be stepping down, but naturally respect his decision. The supervisory board appreciates that Marc will stay on until 1 July 2021, which will give us time to look for a successor and will ensure that Stedin has a strong leader during the Covid-19 period. We are very grateful for the way Marc has turned Stedin into an independent company following the unbundling from Eneco and has set the strategy for the coming years. Under his leadership, Stedin has made tremendous progress.” The process of looking for a successor has already been started. 

Marc van der Linden was appointed chair of the board of management following the unbundling of Stedin and energy company Eneco. Over the past four years he has enhanced the focus. This included the sale of CityTec, Joulz Energy Solutions and Joulz infra and metering services and the acquisition of DNWG, the grid operator in the province of Zeeland. 
Before Marc van der Linden became CEO of Stedin, he was a member of the board of management of Eneco Holding. In addition to his position as CEO of Stedin, Marc van der Linden is also chair of the sector organisation Netbeheer Nederland, member of the Cyber Security Council and member of the Economic Board Zuid-Holland.

As yet, it is not clear what he will be doing after leaving Stedin. Marc van der Linden: “I have been wanting to go on a long trip with my family for quite some time. I hope that we will be able to make this happen now, while the children are still young.” 

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