Working together to create an environment filled with new energy

Stedin Group, ensure that our customers have access to energy via our grids throughout the year. We are proud that our grids are among the most reliable grids in the world. As energy has become indispensable in the world we live in. We take it for granted that energy is always available. We use energy for everything, at every moment, and we are using more and more of it. At home, on the road and at work.

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As we want energy to continue to be available for generations to come, we are switching to clean energy together. From renewable sources that do not exhaust or pollute the planet. This demands major modifications of the energy grid, or more to the point, our energy system. New technologies as well as good cooperation between people and organisations that are involved in our energy supply, facilitate this. If we all roll up our sleeves and really get to work on it, we will succeed. Politicians, municipalities, market parties, customers and us. Because only then will access to energy in our world continue to be as logical as it is today. This is why our mission is: working together towards a lifeworld full of new energy.

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In order to achieve the objectives of the Climate Agreement, the Netherlands will need to drastically reduce its CO2 emissions in the coming decades. This requires the expansion and reinforcement of the electricity grid. In practical terms, the entire energy system – which was designed around fossil fuels – must be revamped. Between now and 2030 alone, the cables under one in three Dutch streets will need to be dug up and replaced to ensure the reliable transport of the new, renewable energy. And to make sure that the electricity grid continues to operate at the level we are used to. For this reason, over the next year, Stedin plans to strengthen the existing grid by installing more than 900 kilometres of cable. We will connect nearly 10,000 charging stations and over two million new solar panels will generate power and deliver it back into the grid. We are also committed to further enhance the sustainability of our company.

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Company profile

Stedin Group consists of five different business units: grid operator Stedin, NetVerder and DNWG Group. DNWG Group is a grid operator consisting of two divisions: grid operator Enduris and infrastructure company DNWG. Together, we ensure that all our customers have access to (sustainable) energy to live, work and run their businesses. We are making the energy system more sustainable and ensuring that it remains robust and affordable.