Press release

David Peters reappointed as chief transition officer of Stedin Group

Rotterdam, 23 November 2021 – The Supervisory Board of Stedin Group has announced to have reappointed David Peters for the next four years as Chief Transition Officer and member of the management board of Stedin Group. The effective date of the reappointment is 1 January 2022. 

David Peters was the first Chief Transition Officer in the Netherlands. At board level, he has been responsible since 2017 for coping with changes taking place at the grid manager of the provinces of Zuid Holland, Utrecht and Zeeland as a result of the energy transition. Over the past four years, David has strived to accelerate digitisation, optimise the long-term investment portfolio and stimulate collaboration and interaction with third parties such as municipalities and major customers. These are all important criteria for the grid manager in the energy transition and the achievement of the climate ambitions.

Chairman of the supervisory board Doede Vierstra: “David is working on giving Stedin the agility that it needs to deal with the significant changes in the energy sector and the associated challenges for the grid operator. In view of his knowledge and skills and his track record at Stedin Group, the supervisory board attaches great value to his role within the management board.”  

David Peters: “Good energy infrastructure is essential for a successful energy transition and despite the significant steps that have already been taken, a lot of work still needs to be done over the coming years. The energy grid needs to be expanded, digitalised and optimised. Arrangements in the climate agreement must be developed and implemented regionally in collaboration with municipalities and their surroundings. To increase the amount of sustainably generated energy that we are able to transport, flexibility must be created in the energy grid, in  particular by means of innovations. I look forward to playing a role in shaping the sustainable energy system of the future.”