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Hanne Buis has joined the supervisory board of Stedin Group

Rotterdam 21 September 2018 –H.L. (Hanne) Buis has joined the supervisory board of Stedin Group. Her appointment was approved during the Annual General Meeting. 

Hanne Buis (42) is Managing Director of Lelystad Airport, which is part of Royal Schiphol Group. She is the anticipated successor of Jules Kortenhorst (CEO of the Rocky Mountain Institute), who will step down on 1 February 2019 as member of the supervisory board in accordance with the retirement schedule. Stedin Group greatly appreciates the work that Mr Kortenhorst has done during his membership of the supervisory board since 2017. 

About Hanne Buis

Ms Buis is active in the aviation sector. Before she became Managing Director of Lelystad Airport, she held a number of positions at Schiphol Airport where she gained a lot of experience with controlling complex operational processes in a company with a clear public role. As airport director, Ms Buis understands what it means to manage a company that attracts a lot of interest from society and, just like Stedin Group, is on the verge of major changes that will have a lot of impact on the surroundings. She also has a lot of experience in working together with local and regional government bodies and with the central government.  

Start date 

Ms Buis will start her work as Stedin Group Supervisory Board member on 22 September. The other members of the supervisory board are Pieter Trienekens (chairman), Dick van Well, Theo Eysink, Jules Kortenhorst and Annie Krist.

About Stedin Group 

Working together towards a world full of new energy. This is the goal that the approximately 4,500 employees of Stedin Group are striving to achieve every day. We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that all our customers have access to the sustainable energy they need to live, work and conduct business. Stedin Group is increasing the sustainability and maintaining the robustness and affordability of the energy system. This is achieved through the combined efforts of grid operators Stedin (provinces of Zuid-Holland and Utrecht) and Enduris (province of Zeeland) and the experts of infrastructure companies Joulz and DNWG Infra. 
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