Press release

Judith Koole to step down as member of the management board of Stedin Group

The supervisory board of Stedin Group has announced that Judith Koole will step down as member of the management board of Stedin Group. Judith Koole’s term as board member will end on 1 February 2021. In consultation with the supervisory board, Ms Koole has indicated that she does not wish to start another four-year term. However, she will stay on at Stedin for more than a year. 

Judith Koole has been with Stedin for more than eight years and was appointed to the board as COO in 2017, when Stedin was split from Eneco and became independent. Prior to that, she held various positions, such as Director Customer & Market, and coordinated big projects such as the merger and restructuring of Stedin and Joulz. In the past four years, she has improved customer satisfaction as well as Stedin’s operational processes. Judith Koole created a link between the outside world and the processes at Stedin and was particularly concerned with the importance of the organisation for customers and society. For the coming years, the focus of Stedin’s COO must be mainly on the improvement of business processes. This is not in line with Ms Koole’s personal ambitions, as she likes to be in contact with the outside world. 

In view of the departure of Marc van der Linden on 1 July 2021, at present the supervisory board is searching for a new CEO for Stedin Group. The process of filling in the position of COO will start after the appointment of the new CEO.