Press release

Rotterdam, 10 February 2022 – Today, Stedin Group and Censo have signed the agreement for the sale of TUMS Meetdiensten, the subsidiary in which Stedin Group has placed its commercial metering activities. Ownership of TUMS Meetdiensten transfers to Censo with effect of 1 January 2022. For TUMS, the effect of the acquisition will be that it will have a new owner that is committed to accelerating the energy transition for businesses in the Netherlands. All 27 employees will keep their jobs and their terms of employment will remain unchanged. The company will continue to be located in Goes.

Stedin Group’s strategy is aimed at facilitating the energy transition by focusing on the core grid operator tasks and providing excellent service to our customers. In view of this strategy, an analysis was carried out into the commercial activities of DNWG, which is part of Stedin Group, including the activities of TUMS. Considering that the metering services are not in line with Stedin Group’s efficient grid management strategy, the decision was made to sell this subsidiary. 

Stedin Group acquired grid operator Enduris and the energy grid activities of DNWG from energy company PZEM in 2017. Since then, Stedin Group, Enduris and DNWG have been working together closely on the realisation of the energy transition in the province of Zeeland. The name Enduris ceased to exist on 1 January 2022, when the gas and electricity grid operator in the province of Zeeland started to operate under the name Stedin. 

TUMS Meetdiensten

TUMS Meetdiensten performs electricity, gas, water, steam and heat measurements for customers throughout the Netherlands. The metering company ensures that measurement data is distributed adequately, thus giving customers more insight into their consumption and helping them to achieve their sustainability objectives. 

New owner Censo

TUMS’s activities no longer form a good match with the activities and strategy of the grid operator. This is why Stedin Group started a search for a new owner. Censo sees a lot of potential due to TUMS’s combination of knowledge and experience in the field of metering services to complement its proposition of connecting sustainable energy solutions across the chain. 

David Peters, CTO of Stedin Group: “I am pleased that TUMS Meetdiensten will have a strong new owner in Censo. Censo will strive to offer optimal continuity for the business, customers, management and employees. For Stedin Group, an important aspect in the search for a new owner was that all 27 TUMS employees would be able to keep their job.”

About Censo

Censo’s aim is to accelerate the energy transition for businesses in the Netherlands, with every organisation being 100% carbon neutral by 2030 as its ultimate objective. It considers taking care of organisational and implementation aspects for its customers to be crucial, as they notice that more and more companies seek help in identifying how they should go about putting sustainability into practice. Because Censo believes that offering genuine support requires an integral approach to the energy issue as a whole, they are combining forces across the entire energy chain: Connecting Energy Solutions.

Erik Kemink, managing director of Censo: “The acquisition of TUMS is fully in line with our strategy to interconnect energy solutions across the chain. We are looking forward to welcoming our TUMS colleagues and to expand our services to business in the Netherlands.”