Press release

Stedin Group assesses financing options for energy transition

Rotterdam, 13 February - In connection with the energy transition, grid operator Stedin is facing major investments in the energy grid in its area of operations. The supervisory board, management board and shareholders of Stedin Group agree that action is required in order to guarantee that the supply of energy will continue to be affordable and reliable in the future. 

The investments that Stedin must make in connection with the energy transition, come on top of the ongoing investments that are necessary for the proper operation of the electricity and gas grids. The increase in income that Stedin is allowed to earn is not sufficient to be able to continue to finance all these investments in the future. 

CFO Danny Benima: “The substantial investments in connection with the energy transition will put a significant strain on our financial position in the coming years. It is our public task to ensure the reliability of our energy grid, now and in the future. To this end, we are assessing financing options for the energy transition together with several stakeholders.” 

Together with representatives of the shareholders, Stedin is investigating potential solutions that could be used for financing the energy transition. 

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